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Bird safe parts and supplies to make your own bird toys, parrot toys, rabbit toys, chinchilla toys, glider toys  or just repair parts on that favorite toy that has seen better days. Have fun and save money making your own bird toys! Your pet's safety is important to us. Please remember all toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!



Toy Parts & Supplies:  A complete listing of our bird-safe toy parts and supplies you can use to make or repair your own parrot toys.  Many parts are also safe for making toys for your pet rabbit, chinchilla, sugar glider, ferret or other pet that needs to chew.



Beads, Rings & Charms

Acrylic Charms

Beehive Beads

Big Pony Beads

Cone Beads

Critter Charms

Crystal Rope Rings

Fancy Beads

Fancy Stringing Rings

Jumbo Acrylic Beads - Solid

Jumbo Acrylic Beads - Crystal

Large Wood Tone Rings

Letter Beads

Mini Round Rings

Neon Pony Beads

Neon Straw Beads

Novelty Pony Beads

Oblong Beads

Oval Beads

Polka Dot Beads

Pyramid Beads

Round Marbella Beads

Round Marbella Rings - 1"

Round Marbella Rings - 2"

Small Round Beads

Small Round Crystal Beads

Soft Plastic Rings

Square Marbella Rings

Star Charms

Star Pony Beads

Straw Beads - 2 colors


Bird Safe Wood

ABC Blocks - 3 sizes

Chunky Wood Apples

Colored Craft Spoons

Colored Craft Sticks

Flat Wood Clothes Pins

Hardwood Ghosts

Hardwood Oval Beads

Hardwood Stars

Hardwood Sunflowers

Hardwood Tiles

Hex Blocks - 2 sizes

Mini Grooved Dowels

Ruffled Wood Hearts

Small Wood Wheels

Softwood Slats - 2"

Softwood Slats - 4"

Threaded Wood Rods

Wood Balls

Wood Bean Pots

Wood Chew Sticks

Wood Cubes

Wood Dragonflies

Wood Gingerbread Men

Wood Grab Bag

Wood Hearts

Wood Knobs

Wood Spools - 2 sizes


Birdie Bagels

2" Birdie Bagels

3" Birdie Bagels

7" Birdie Bagels

5" Skinny Birdie Bagels

Bird Bite Bagels

Bitty Bird Bagels

Chubby Bagels

Macaw/Bunny Bagels



Colored Plastic Chain - 3mm

Colored Plastic Chain - 4mm

Colored Plastic Chain - 6mm

Nickel Plated Chain - 1.6mm

Nickel Plated Chain - 2.0mm

Plastic Rainbow Chain


Coconut & Pod Cups

Hairy Coconut Shell

Large Coconut Shell Pieces

Large Pod Cups


Hardware & Bells

Aluminum Keys

Nickel Plated Bells - 14mm

Nickel Plated Bells - 25mm

Nickel Plated Bells - 38mm

Nickel Plated Cow Bells

Nickel Plated O-Rings - 7mm

Nickel Plated O-Rings - 12mm

Nickel Plated O-Rings - 16mm

Nickel Plated O-Rings - 19mm

Nickel Plated Pear Links

Nickel Plated Quick Links

Nickel Plated Screw Eyes -5mm

Nickel Plated Screw Eyes -6mm

Nickel Plated Spring Snaps

Vacuum Coated Bells - 32mm


Plastic Parts

Acrylic Buttons

Baby Bears

Big Buttons

Bug Bodies

Button Shapes

Cool Clips

Fantastic Fish

Geared Wheels

Heart and Star Links

Hedge Ball Birds

Interlocking Links

InterStar Rings - 2 sizes

Jumbo Acrylic Rings

Large Chain Links

Lattice Links

Mini Maracas

Mini Pompom Balls

Mini Rattles

Mini Safety Pins

Mini Spoke Tops

Nubby Stars

Pacifiers - Mini

Pacifiers - Small

Pacifiers - Medium

Pacifiers - Large

Pacifiers - Large Ducky

Perforated Balls - 2 types

Plastic Keys

Plastic Rattles

Plastic Springs

Plastic Teddy Bears

Plastic Washers

Smile Face Mini Mugs

Spin Wheels - 3 sizes



Rope & Cord

100% Cotton Cord

1/2" Cotton Rope

Paper Twist Cord

Paper Twist Rope

Paulie Rope / Polly Rope

Seagrass Cord

Seagrass Rope

Sisal Rope

Superior Cotton Rope

Supreme Cotton Rope


Shreddable Parts

Bamboo Shredders

Braided Seagrass

Buri/Raffia Fans

Colored Paper Sticks - 2 sizes


Palm Leaf Flowers

Pine Cones

Straw Hats

ZigZag Palm Leaf Shredders

ZigZag Rainbow Shredders


Toy Bases

Acrylic Butterfly 

Acrylic Cross

Apple Toy Base

Froggy Toy Base

Leather Butterfly 

Star Toy Base

Teddy Toy Base


Veggie Tanned Leather

Leather Coins

Leather Lace

Leather Rectangles

Leather Rounds


Vine Balls & Wicker Parts

Colored Mini Munch Balls

Colored Mini Vine Rings

Colored Willow Rings

Mini Willow Vine Baskets

Vine Munch Balls - 4 sizes

Vine Stars

Vine Twists

Vine Wreaths

Willow Basket with Lid

Willow Balls - 2 sizes

Willow Rings


Bulk Toy Parts

Acrylic Marbella Rings

Bead Bonanza

Cool Clips

Fancy Stringing Rings

Mini Munch Balls (vine balls)

Mini Pacifiers

Mini Safety Pins

Oval Beads

Paper Twist Cord

Plastic Baby Bears

Seagrass Cord

Sisal Rope

Small Round Beads

Small Round Crystal Beads

Soft Wood Slats


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