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Intermediate bird toys, toys for small/medium sized birds and parrots such as caiques, senegals, red bellies, conures, rosellas, quakers, mini macaws (hahn's, nobles), large parakeets and some toy shy african greys.  Your bird's safety is important to us!  Please remember all bird toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!











Star Struck Parrot Bird ToysStar Struck    

Lots of little 1" wooden stars and bright pony beads knotted on supreme cotton rope around a perforated golf ball. A little rubber ducky and interstar ring complete this adorable toy designed for birds that like smaller pieces of wood. Measures approx 4" by 8" including quick link.

   $13.95 Cdn
   $13.95 US

Snuggle BuddySnuggle Buddy  

Brightly colored soft freece strips flowing from under a vinyl critter. A great toy for your feathered friend to snuggle with or under.  Measures approx 10" in length including quick link.  Please note vinyl critter and fleece color may vary.

   $9.95 Cdn
   $9.95 US

Cha-Cha Small Medium Bird ToysCha-Cha  

A rattling combination of pacifiers, wood stars, pony beads, rings and a shiny bell all on nickel plated chain make this a fun toy for noise making and nibbling.  Measures approx 3" by 8" including quick link.

   $9.75 Cdn
   $9.75 US

Paddle Play  

Lots of brightly colored thin wood paddles dangling around a wood block toy base. When the paddles have been chewed off, new ones can be added by opening the o-rings and adding more paddles.  Measures approx 3-1/2" by 10" including quick link.

   $12.95 Cdn
   $12.95 US

Bagel Mania Handmde Bird ToysBagel Mania     

Lots of brightly colored thin wood paddles and mini munch balls hanging from a chubby birdie bagel with a spinning bead in the middle. A great toy for small birds that like to chew or intermediate sized birds who aren't big chewers.  Measures approx 3-1/2" by 8" including quick link.

   $9.95 Cdn
   $9.95 US

Cascade Handmade Parrot ToysCascade            

Flowing out of two palm leaf cubes are ten legs loaded with mini bamboo balls, little thin wood paddles and pony beads. There is lots of wiggle and jiggle with this toy!  Measures approx 5" by 12" including quick link.  Aside from the link, this toy has no metal parts (can substitute plastic link upon request).

   $16.95 Cdn
   $16.95 US

Triple Pinwheel Handmade Bird ToyTriple Pinwheel 

A must have toy for the thin wood lovers! Three brightly colored pinwheels made with lots of thin wood paddles dangling on plastic chain.  This toy has lots of movement and bright colors.  Measures approx 3" by 12" including quick link. Aside from the link, this toy has no metal parts.

   $11.95 Cdn
   $11.95 US

Space Invader Bird ToysSpace Invader        

Hanging under a birdie bagel with a vine ball tucked inside are 60 thin wood paddles and pony beads strung together on jute cord. A great toy for small to medium sized birds who love to nibble on thin wood! Measures approx 6" by 8" including the quick link.

   $12.50 Cdn
   $12.50 US

Spoolin' Around Handmade Bird ToysSpoolin' Around      

An adorable vinyl critter perched atop a perforated ball packed full of little wooden spools and bright pony beads all tied together with hemp rope. This toy is a perfect combination of cuteness, rope for preening & wood for chewing! Measures approx 4" by 8" including quick link. Aside from the link, this toy has no metal parts. Assorted vinyl critters available.

   $10.75 Cdn
   $10.75 US

Pick Pocket Foraging Bird ToyPick Pocket         

Lots of foraging adventure in this toy!  A seagrass pouch filled full of crinkle cut paper and decorated with a crunchy palm leaf flower.  Stuff some extra treats inside and watch the fun begin! Measures approx 5" by 8" including the quick link.

   $12.95 Cdn
   $12.95 US

Cork Block Small Bird ToysCork Block      

A brightly colored soft wood block filled with ten corks and finished off with a plastic chain dangle.  Measures approx 2-1/2" by 11" including the quick link.

   $9.95 Cdn
   $9.95 US

Balsa Fan Tail Bird ToysBalsa Fan Tail  

A combination of brightly colored balsa wood blocks, paper fans and assorted beads designed to entice even the pickiest bird!  Toy Tip:  Balsa is an extremely soft wood and makes an excellent choice for birds who do not like hard wood or who are just beginning to play with toys. Aside from the link, this toy contains no metal parts.  Measures approx 4" by 12" including the quick link.

   $14.00 Cdn
   $14.00 US

Ducky Spoon Stack Bird ToysDucky Spoon Stack  

A miniature rubber duck sits atop layers of brightly colored, thin wood ice cream scoops interspersed with wood beads on bird-safe paulie rope. A handful of pony beads finish off this fun toy.  Measures approx 4" by 10" including quick link.

   $8.95 Cdn
   $8.95 US

Daddy Long Legs Straw Bead Parrot ToyDaddy Long Legs  

Hanging under a vinyl critter are supreme cotton "legs" threaded with brightly colored pony beads & plastic straw beads (not thin, cut up straws!).  Hiding in the middle of all the beads, your parrot will find an acrylic pacifier dangle.  Hangs approx 12" including quick link.

   $14.95 Cdn
   $14.95 US

Mini Power Preener Bird Toy for Small Parrots Mini Power Preener  

This fun toy is made with lots of brightly colored sisal rope knots on a 1" by 5" natural soft wood block.  Whether your bird is a chewer or preener, this toy will be a hit!  Hangs approx 6 including quick link.

   $6.95 Cdn
   $6.95 US

Party Animal Bird Toy for Intermediate ParrotsParty Animal          

Hanging under an adorable vinyl animal is a plastic crystal rope ring filled with an assortment of brightly colored bitty birdie bagels, softwood slats and small pacifier dangles.  Hangs approx 7-1/2" including quick link.

   $8.50 Cdn
   $8.50 US

Prickly Blocks Small Parrot ToyPrickly Blocks  

Hanging on nickel plated chain are four natural 1-1/2" soft wood blocks with lots of crunchy twisted seagrass cord knotted in each block.  A big handful of brightly colored pony beads and critter charms tucked in between the blocks and a nickel plated bell finish off this awesome toy! Approx 8" in length including quick link.

   $9.75 Cdn
   $9.75 US

Deluxe Pushy Pully Small Parrot/Bird ToyDeluxe Pushy Pully 

A brightly colored hardwood cube threaded with veggie tanned leather strips strung with assorted plastic beads & mini munch balls.  Each strip can be pulled back and forth through the cube for interactive play!  To finish off this toy, we have added a nickel plated bell.  Hangs approx 8" including quick link.

   $8.75 Cdn
   $8.75 US

Mini Stainless Steel Foraging ToyMini Foraging Toy & Treat Cage 

Stainless steel foraging treat & toy cage for small birds.  Simply fill with more shreddables, treats or extra toy parts and watch your bird hunt for the loot!  Hangs approx 3" wide by 7" including quick link.  Dishwasher safe.

   $14.95 Cdn
   $14.95 US

Busy Station Wreath Bird Toy for ParrotsBusy Station Wreath  

This popular toy will keep your bird busy, busy, busy!  A natural grapevine wreath is loaded with bitty bagels, buttons, beads, raffia clusters, silly string bows and plastic doodads.  Simply attach to the side of your bird's cage with the included zip ties.  This toy contains no metal parts.  Measures approx 7" by 7" (suitable for all small to medium sized birds).

   $17.95 Cdn
   $17.95 US

Snuggle Stick Fleece Bird Toy for ParrotsSnuggle Stick  

Loads of soft, snuggly fleece strips jam packed on a stainless steel wire base with a little critter charm and pony beads to top everything off.  The perfect snuggle buddy or preening toy for mid size fids!  Measures approx 3-1/2" by 9" including quick link.

   $9.95 Cdn
   $9.95 US

Short Stack Wood Bird Toy Short Stack  

Nothing fancy, but sure to be hit with your bird as well as your wallet!  Six brightly colored softwood slats measuring approx 2" by 1-3/8" by 1/4" thick threaded on nickel plated chain with beads and a bell.  Measures approx 2" by 8" including quick link.

   $5.75 Cdn
   $5.75 US

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