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Canadian Parrot Breeders & Pet Bird Breeders

Feathered Wings Aviary - handfed linnies, lovebirds, parrotlets & pineapple conures

Heaven's Lil' Darlings Aviary - parrotlets, conures, blue & gold macaws

Toews Parrot Place - eclectus, pionus, hawk heads, timneh greys, parrotlets

Too Qute Aviaries - senegals, white capped pionus, severe macaws, ficshers lovebirds

Canadian Parrot Clubs, Bird Clubs & Organizations

Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada (AACC)

Canadian Parrot Conference

Durham Avicultural Society of Ontario (DAS)

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

Parrot Club of Manitoba

Bird Links

Parrot Nanny - personalized bird sitting & grooming + in the San Francisco Bay area

The Parrot Pages - a home for avian information

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