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Shreddable parrot toys for your bird made with munch balls, vine balls & rings, willow wreaths, seagrass baskets & bowls, maize mats, vine stars, zigzag palm leaf shredders, yucca, twisted seagrass & loofah.  These bird toys are meant for shredding and are favored by feather pickers, over-preeners, baby birds & parrots that need to be encouraged to chew. Your parrot's safety is important to us!  Please remember all bird toys should be introduced under supervision and monitored daily.  No toy is 100% safe as there will always be a bird who will find some way to hurt itself with anything within its reach!






Pick Pocket Foraging Bird ToyPick Pocket         

Lots of foraging adventure in this toy! A seagrass pouch filled full of crinkle cut paper and decorated with a crunchy palm leaf flower. Stuff extra treats inside and watch the fun begin! Designed for all small, medium and large birds. Measures approx 5" by 8" including the quick link.

   $12.50 Cdn
   $12.50 US

Sunrise Bird ToySunrise    

Crunchy bamboo shredders stuffed with colorful crinkle paper shred are tucked between two natural palm leaf flowers for an irrististable combination of foraging and shredding fun! Designed for small to medium birds from budgies, tiels and lovebirds up to african greys. Including link, this toy measures approx 6" by 9". Contains no metal parts.

   $9.25 Cdn
   $9.25 US

Mexican Hat DanceMexican Hat Dance  

A large palm leaf flower with 1-1/2" vine balls (some stuffed with crinkle paper shred) strung on veggie tanned leather lace wtih wood beads. The empty vine balls can be stuffed with little treats for added foraging fun! Hangs approx 7" including quick link. This toy would be loved by cockatiels, conures, caiques, senegals and other small parrots that like to shred!

   $12.50 Cdn
   $12.50 US

Knotty Bar Bird ToyKnotty Bar  

Lots of foraging and shredding enjoyment here! A woven buri box filled full of natural fibers and decorated with little wooden beads & raffia bows for hours of fun. Recommended for all small to medium sized birds. Including quick link, this toy measures approx 2" by 11". Contains no metal parts.

   $18.95 Cdn
   $18.95 US

Bamboo Blossom Shreddable Small Bird ToyBamboo Blossom 

For small birds who love to shred! Bamboo shredders, buttons and beads attach to cage side with included zip tie. Measures approx 6" x 6". Ideal for budgies, parrotlets, linnies, lovebirds, etc. Contains no metal parts.

   $4.95 Cdn
   $4.95 US

Sky Dancer Shreddable Bird Toy for ParrotsSky Dancer  

Threaded on paper rope are a dozen palm leaf flowers and a handful of pony beads dangling on plastic chain. Contains no metal parts. Designed for intermediate to medium birds. Measures approx 8" by 9" including link.

   $14.50 Cdn
   $14.50 US

Stuffed Wicker Foraging Basket Bird ToyWicker Foraging Basket 

Shredding & foraging fun! A natural wicker basket stuffed full of coloured shredded paper that you can hide favourite treats or toys in. The basket hangs on a veggie leather strip which allows the lid to be raised. Hangs approx 10" (basket 4" x 4"). Suitable for caiques, amazons, african greys, small cockatoos, etc. 

   $12.75 Cdn
   $12.75 US

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